What do yours say about your Business?

I never thought much about it until I worked with a Design Company where the Design Director stipulated exactly what biscuit was to be served at client meetings. It had to be Dark Chocolate Choco Liebenitz biscuits! Chosen because they were no ordinary biscuit – slightly indulgent – a cut above the rest – high quality – the message was clear – it was a brand statement. Such attention to detail may seem over the top for many companies – however such little details all add up to create the right overall impression – and impressions matter in business. That is why when we design the cleaning service we provide for you – we make sure we cover those little details – especially for customer facing areas- because everything needs to add up to create the right impression.

Finally what do the biscuits you serve your customers at meetings say about you and your brand? Are you a posh chocolate, plain digestive, variety selection, hobnob, jammy dodger, custard cream, kit kat or ….?