The Positive Impact of Fresh Flowers in the Office

Spring brings an abundance of bright and cheerful flowers. The daffodil is a great example for this.

Whenever I go into an office space where there are flowers – it seems to lift the spirits and add something to the space. In these budget conscious times it is an investment in your environment just like a bowl of fruit – but it does not need to cost the earth. Such small touches that say something about your business – for some businesses it is appropriate to work with local florists to match your brand but for many this seems over the top. At Hathaway Cleaning Services we can provide a simple weekly bouquet service – that keeps your flowers fresh.

When working with clients on flower options we tend to suggest in reception and meeting areas initially – well away from your IT systems! And choosing the right ones – well back to that Design Director who had a thing about biscuits – the mantra was one type and simply one colour and that seems a pretty good guide to us. No garage garage forecourt flowers please!